Collaboration is a Journey

Multistakeholder collaborations are long, arduous journeys. The Ideas Belong toolbox helps them start on the right foot. It helps make the implicit explicit, for collaborations that are fair and relevant to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our mission, at Ideas Belong, is to equip consortia and institutions with the strategic tools and frameworks that they need to understand and manage multi-stakeholder collaboration. We believe it starts by setting their work on a fair and equitable foundation and make the best possible use of all collaborators’ capacities.

The early life of a collaboration before activities have fully taken off, what we call inception phase, plays a critical role. The work of Ideas Belong focuses on helping stakeholder make key notions about collaboration explicit.

Our services

Strategic Advice

Are you an NGO seeking a more productive relationship with consortium partners? Or an organization struggling to connect multiple internal and external stakeholders? 

We help you take into account the specific needs of making collaborations work, even while you focus on reaching your core objectives. We offer advice for the development of a collaboration strategy for your organization, its implementation and its evaluation.

Training Services

A challenge to impactful multistakeholder collaborations is the belief that their success is merely down to expertise and goodwill. We train staff to identify and work with the practical details of actually making them work.

Our training can help anyone who facilitates, leads, develops or participates in multistakeholder collaborations.

Collaboration Booster

Success of a collaboration is defined to a great extent by how it starts.

The Collaboration Booster is a short process to structure the inception of collaborations. It focuses on efficiently reaching agreement and mutual understanding on key success factors.

We designed the Booster to be flexible. You can integrate it as the first milestone of a funded project. Or use it as a tool to help develop convincing multi-partner proposal.

Who we are